Perfect typography. Vertical rhythm made easy.

Vertical rhythm, otherwise known as the "pace" at which objects and words are spaced vertically on a page, is one of life's most unnoticeable pleasantries. It only sticks out when it's bad.

People shouldn't miss your message because of poorly spaced typography, and you shouldn't have to spend more time than necessary getting vertical rhythm correct. While Shevy can't help you pick out the best fonts, it'll make sure your fonts are perfectly spaced up and down the page.

Why Shevy?

Easy & Configurable

Shevy makes it easy to set up typography by doing all the math for you. Add your settings and all font-sizes, line-heights, and even margin-bottoms are calculated for you.

Responsive & Modular

Shevy really shines when used responsively or modularly. Shevy allows you to define different settings per breakpoint, or per module. Throw the mixins in a media query or nest them under a selector as you see fit.

Quick Adjustments

Don't like the default settings? No big deal. It's really easy to try out new settings with Shevy. Adjusting one variable can make a big difference in Shevy's output.

How Do I Get Started?

Best way to get started is to check out the Docs or the Examples. The docs will explain installation and the examples will show you how to use Shevy's API.